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AutoHire competes favorably with other hiring system providers by providing a wide range of applicant tracking functionality combined with ease of use. The system design is uncomplicated, making it easy for the user to navigate. Quick access to candidate records is provided directly from the job postings.
Users may click on a candidate name from anywhere in the system to drill down to the candidate details. All candidate information is easily accessible from a single set of tabular-organized screens.
See Key Features for a detailed description of the applicant tracking elements. 

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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Announcing Onboarding on the Web
Provide a better new hire onboarding experience that requires less staff time and reduces costs! AutoHire offers a complete onboarding process using email and online facilities.