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AutoHire is an online hiring system designed to help you develop efficiencies throughout the hiring process.

Save Time and Costs:

  1. Save money by using your Career Centers to post jobs and collect resumes from your own web site; 
  2. Save time by using System templates and “single-point-of-entry” functionality to create job requisitions and to distribute as needed to various free and paid Internet career sites and staffing agency providers;
  3. Utilize your own website to assist with the recruitment process. Candidates apply online and you save time when they do data entry; 
  4. Online screening saves processing costs. Allows you to focus hiring efforts on candidates that score highest on question responses and eliminate unqualified candidates; 
  5. Save time with automated email responses/letter generation tools; 
  6. Save time compiling compliance/management report information. Obtain a variety of online, real-time reports, including information needed for Affirmative Action and EEO reporting, and staffing vendor performance.

Increase Recruiting Efficiencies:

  1. Screen, score and rank candidates with questions attached to jobs;
  2. Candidate information is accurate – they do the data entry; 
  3. Save time with post once, distribute to many functionality;
  4. Permit staffing agencies to receive job opportunity orders and submit candidates directly into the system to save time for your recruiting staff;
  5. Utilize your own Intranet to reduce turnover and unnecessary hires;
  6. Increase efficiency with a data repository to provide centralized access to candidate information (resumes not stored in a drawer);
  7. Manage communication history, interview results, background check results, etc. from one tool.

Control Hiring Activities:

  1. Reduce legal risks by consolidating and controlling the activities of hiring managers (career center content, pre-defined candidate emails and letters);  
  2. Control the content of job requisitions, screening questions, and interview questionnaires with template-based technology;
  3. Manage internal hiring, external direct hire, and staffing agency processes in a single easy to use tool; 
  4. Control access to candidate information with security rights assigned by groups.

Improve Reporting:

Save time and gain vital management information by easily generating a variety of online, real-time reports, including information needed for AAP and EEOC reporting, and staffing vendor performance. Plus customize your own with our ad-hoc report generator.

The System also utilizes XML technology to support interoperability with other systems, if needed.

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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