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Applicant Tracking System – Key Features

Manage candidates throughout the hiring process from resume or employment application, to interview, to rejection or hire. Ranking scores help to focus attention on the best candidates.

Candidate submittals for a job posting are easily accessible from the job listing page. The “Open/Submittals” column presents the number of available openings and the number of candidate submittals for each posting. Clicking on the “Submittal” number presents a summarized list of all candidate responses, including candidate name, source, date applied, and the score received for responses to job screening questions.

The detailed candidate record is accessed simply by clicking on the candidate’s name. All candidate data is easily accessible from a series of tabs, each presenting different information and offering its own unique feature set.

The Resume tab presents the candidate’s contact information, resume and any additional information collected on the candidate profile form. Documents can be attached to the record using the document attachment feature, which supports a wide variety of file types.

The Application History tab lists all job opportunities the candidate has applied for and the candidate’s current status for each. Screening questions and candidate responses, and the history of status updates are also available for each job application record listed.

The Match Jobs tab is used to manually match a candidate to a job opportunity that the candidate hasn’t applied for but may be a good match for their qualifications.

The Tasks tab is used to present the current task list and create new tasks associated with the candidate. Tasks can be created and assigned to any system user, with the option of setting up task reminder notifications. Tasks can also be added to calendars in Outlook.

The Letters tab provides access to the system letters feature. Letters can be selected from a letter library and sent to candidates by email, or by using the print option for hand or regular mail delivery. The history of all letters and emails sent is also presented under the Letters tab. Users can retrieve, view and print all communications sent by the system.

The Profile tab provides a way for recruiters to forward candidate information by email to individuals that do not have access to the system. The sender has the opportunity to modify the record and add notes as needed before forwarding and a copy is maintained in the history.

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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