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Onboarding – Return on Investment
AutoHire’s Onboarding feature assists organizations in handling the new hire onboarding process more efficiently. The process improvements realized by automating onboarding tasks helps companies provide a better onboarding experience that requires less staff time and reduces costs.
Quick return on investment is realized by eliminating the need to print and ship new hire packets. Additional savings are achieved by reducing the administrative burden on staff in a number of ways:
  • Manual data entry is reduced or eliminated.
  • Filing and storage costs are eliminated.
  • Form completion progress can be easily monitored as new hires complete paperwork online in the comfort of their own homes. If a problem arises, it can quickly be identified and addressed so they have everything they need on day one.
  • Information provided by new hires is easier to review, making information entered incorrectly easier to catch and correct.
  • Internal email notifications to key parties at each step in the process increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Business rules are easily incorporated into the process, ensuring that new hires receive the correct paperwork.
  • Little internal maintenance or support is required.
Research shows that a well designed onboarding process can increase retention and employee satisfaction, reduce error rates, improve productivity and even enhance the organization’s employment brand. AutoHire’s Onboarding solution offers you the opportunity to collaborate in designing a custom process that satisfies your organization’s onboarding requirements while saving time and money. 

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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Provide a better new hire onboarding experience that requires less staff time and reduces costs! AutoHire offers a complete onboarding process using email and online facilities.