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AutoHire Overview
The AutoHire system offers a broad range of functionality that extends from providing multiple user-customizable career centers, to processes that manage job requisition creation, approval and distribution to various job boards and staffing agencies. It also provides online resume collection management, and screens and tracks candidates throughout the hiring process.
Career Center Manager:
The career center manager powers the career sections of the client’s web site providing access for job seekers to view job opportunities, submit their resumes or employment applications, answer job screening questions and complete the voluntary EEO survey. Each career center provides an integrated system of 9 web pages, 6 of which are client customizable and may be used to provide relevant information to potential candidates and sell the organization as a great place to work.
Job Requisition Creation and Approval:
Control the content of jobs posted on the career site and save time posting jobs by creating a library of job templates that can be used to create job requisitions. The automated approval process routes the requisitions to selected approvers and approvals are submitted online. An optional cost management capability is also available to record hiring costs and compare against budget for each job opportunity.
Online Screening:
The Question Administration feature provides the ability to set up an unlimited library of screening questions. Select questions from the library to add to each job posting and assign weights to score candidate responses. Candidates must respond to the questions as part of the job application process. Use the questions to screen and rank candidates to focus the selection process.
Job Posting and Distribution:
Use AutoHire to post jobs once and submit to multiple targets with a single process. Targets may include your own career site, paid job boards (optional) and staffing agencies.
Staffing Procurement System:
Add your approved staffing vendors to the system and include them in your job distribution list. When a job is distributed to a staffing vendor, automatic email notification is sent notifying them of the job posting. Staffing vendors are issued a limited access login to view job postings and submit candidates for postings where they have been selected as a staffing vendor. AutoHire also provides reports for you to measure staffing vendor performance.
Job and Resume Searches:
Based on MS SQL Server, AutoHire has powerful but flexible job and resume search facilities for users. The search features provide “Basic” and “Advanced” functionality screens with “view all”, job category, geographic location, days old, keyword, name and various other filter options. Search parameters can be auto-populated by job opportunities to find suitable resume matches.
Resume Management:
All candidate information is easily accessible from a single set of tabular-organized screens. Resumes are associated to jobs applied for and can be matched to other job opportunities as hiring managers desire.
Candidate Tracking:
Use customizable candidate statuses to manage candidates throughout the hiring process from resume or employment application, to interview, to rejection or hire. Ranking scores help to focus attention on the best candidates.
The AutoHire system offers both ad-hoc and template reports and all information is provided real-time. View, print, or export to Excel, a variety of reports containing information collected and generated by the AutoHire system. The ad-hoc reporting feature provides the ability to pull user-definable reports on all job and candidate information based on date range and other selection filters.
Workflow and Automated Notifications:
To accomplish the process of routing documents through an organization and the notifications and communications that would otherwise take place in a “paper-based” system, AutoHire provides a workflow system that utilizes:
  • a series of easy to navigate links to information;
  • automated and user initiated email communications;
  • transaction history logs.
These elements used together make up a system that replaces the process of routing paper documents

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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