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Applicant Tracking System – Return on Investment

While it may seem difficult to measure, if organizations carefully identify the actual costs of recruiting and candidate selection, they will find it easy to estimate the overall value of using an applicant tracking system. There is a high return on investment resulting from both direct and indirect cost reductions.

Direct cost reduction is realized by saving administrative time and promoting consistency when using an automated job posting system.

  • The job template library can be used to easily retrieve the job description and associated screening questions when a job requisition needs to be created.
  • The requisition can be routed to the appropriate parties and approvals can be obtained online using the automated approval process.
  • The job posting can be automatically distributed to various job boards and staffing agencies, eliminating the need to manually enter the job posting numerous times.
  • Advertising costs can be reduced using the company career site to advertise job openings, supplemented by targeted ad spending based on candidate source tracking.

The efficiency gained by the reduction in time spent screening resumes and tracking candidates directly reduces costs when a manual process is consuming hours that could be more productively utilized.

  • Screening questions can be used to automatically pre-screen applicants, identify those who are most qualified and screen out those who do not meet minimum requirements for the job.
  • The communication process can be automated using pre-defined email notifications and letters at various steps in the selection process.
  • Candidates have easy access to their information and can monitor their own progress.
  • Compliance processes that do not adversely impact candidates are automatically and consistently employed.
  • Paper costs are drastically reduced by the decrease in actual paper used, and the expenses of printing, handling and filing.
  • There is no drain on IT resources – the system is hosted and web-based with nothing to install or maintain.

Indirect cost deductions are realized by the system doing a better job of choosing the right candidates, therefore improving the quality of hires and reducing turnover. Better quality employees will be more productive and will stay with the organization longer. When turnover goes down, there is a reduction of administrative work and fewer days of lost productivity.

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The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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