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The AutoHire product competes favorably with other hiring systems by providing a broad range of functionality that includes powering the career section of an organization’s web site; processes that manage job requisition creation, approval and distribution; management of online resume collection, candidate screening and tracking; and new hire onboarding.

Nothing to install
AutoHire is a totally web-based, hosted system. 

Easy to use
AutoHire’s logical workflow and intuitive user interface provides a short learning curve.

Built-in flexibility
Many end-user customizable elements help you to control costs while providing instant, real-time changes. 

Customer Testimonials
The programming team’s assistance and responsiveness has always been invaluable. The development of customized add-ons to meet Septa’s unique requirements has been very helpful.
Joe Quinn
Manager, Manpower Planning

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Onboarding System

Announcing Onboarding on the Web
Provide a better new hire onboarding experience that requires less staff time and reduces costs! AutoHire offers a complete onboarding process using email and online facilities.